Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hi Hydrangea

I like them best when they still have a lot of green in them.
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Anchored Off Alki

I do believe this is a Catalina 27 moored off the northwest end of Alki. I can't believe that our family went on vacation for weeks at a time on ours way back when. My parents were either brave, stupid and/or incredibly optimistic (or possibly a little of each): Four people (two of which were teenagers), on 27 feet of boat for a week or two at a time. "Yes, that'll make for a great vacation." Turns out, they were right.
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Lily Lily

More examples:
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Lily Lily Lily

They're everywhere right now. (At least in my neighborhood.)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seen Better Days

No, this is not my own green thumb in action, but it's not far off. I just realized that even though the weather hasn't been that hot yet this year, my plants still need to be watered. Duh. This is why I can't have nice the garden.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Totem Pole

So, when I was walking past the Log House Museum on Saturday morning, I saw this old totem pole lying down in the courtyard. This is the one that used to be at Belvedere Viewpoint (the wide spot in the road on Admiral Way that looks back toward downtown). There's a new one in its place, but I like this one better. I guess it's being refurbished at the museum, hopefully it will stay there once they're finished with it.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Alki Abstracts

Exhibit A: Barnacle covered steps at low tide.

Exhibit B: Fallen blossoms between two rocks.
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This rose bush is one of several in a neighbor's yard. She is retired and spends most of her time in her yard, and it shows. She has the best looking yard on the block. Her sidewalks are edged, the grass is mowed, and then there are the flowers...especially the roses. I love walking past her house.
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Last Night's Supper

If you think this looks suspiciously like last Friday's supper, you're right. Substitute three giant scallops for five prawns, et voila...I think I prefer the scallops. They were delicious. I seasoned them with salt, white and black pepper and seared them in the tiniest bit of oil. Then I squeezed in some lemon juice and covered the pan until they were cooked through. After I plated them on the olive oil-tossed arugula, I topped them each with a drop of lemon infused olive oil.

And yes, those are more tomato, garlic and basil bruschetta in the background. I have eaten those for dinner for almost an entire week now. So simple and so tasty.
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

(It's Almost) Summer Supper

Last night's repast: bruschetta with tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil served with five prawns sauteed with garlic, black pepper and white wine vinegar on top of arugula. Yum. I love how summer tastes.
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Even More Reasons to Love Juliet (Part Two)

When I opened up the present and saw the magnets, I said, (no actually I believe exclaimed is the correct word here), "Juliet, this is the same artist that painted all of the pictures that I have in the living room!" And she said, "Dad wasn't sure if it was the same artist or not, but I thought it was. But these magnets aren't exactly like any of your paintings." Like she has them all memorized! I didn't even know that Amy Ruppel had magnets out there, or that Juliet paid that much attention to what was hanging on our walls and those two facts combined just made for one of the best surprises I've had in a long time. Thank you Juliet! (And Amy.)

The present itself:

Why the present is so perfect (behold my beloved Wall of Ruppel):
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Even More Reasons to Love Juliet (Part One)

Mike called me Wednesday morning to tell me that for absolutely no other reason than "she thought it looked like something you would like," Juliet had bought me a present (with her own money) and wrapped it herself. She wanted to see me so that she could give it to me. So after kind of a l-o-n-g day at work, I walked through the revolving door of my building to where Mike and Juliet were waiting for me in their car. Juliet was waving at me like crazy, and I started to feel the l-o-n-g part of the day melting away and the fun part of the day beginning. I got in the car, and Juliet immediately began singing a song about "the best photographer in the world" and my name was in the chorus! Then she asked me if I would like my present. I said sure, and she handed me a lovely little package wrapped in a piece of "recycled" grocery bag neatly tied with a piece of string. And then there was this card:

Front of card:

Inside of card:
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Tart Art

Here are some pictures of the three--yes, I said three--tarts that Becky made on Sunday. I was so full from our delicious salmon dinner that I didn't have any room for dessert, and (like an idiot) I declined to take any home with me. What was I thinking?

(Granddad is probably rolling over in his grave. How could he possibly have a granddaughter who would say "no" to pie? After looking at these pictures, I'm really wondering
that myself.)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sunday in the Park with Eve

I know this is not the best photo of Eve, but I really like all of the stuff going on in the picture itself: the pattern of the stair treads, Eve's striped shirt, Becky's red shoe, the green post and especially Eve's barette.
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Soaking Sculpture Park

Since it was raining, it wasn't conducive to taking many pictures. (At least out in the open.) I took both of these while under cover--just to prove that it was grey and wet. Another typical June day in Seattle!
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Eve in Action

Today, I met up with Cory, Becky and Eve at the Olympic Sculpture Park. It was wet outside, so we went into the pavilion to dry off and have something to drink. Eve made the most of it.
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(More) Backyard Beauty

Oh Eve.
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