Monday, April 30, 2007

L is for Lilac

I wish you could smell these:
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Windy Dogwood

This is what happens when you try to shoot flowers on a windy day. At least the center is still. I love that green.
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Friday, April 27, 2007

More Motion

This was another panning-a-stationary-object shot. In this case, it was half sidewalk, half parking strip, both of which had the shadow of a fence running through them. I kind of like the effect.
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Close Ups

I guess it's pretty obvious by now that I like grey. Here are some abstract greys from the beach.

Detail of seawall:

Detail of rust stain on stairway to the beach:
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Bend It Like...

She really wanted me to take her picture with her soccer ball. I love how this shot makes her look like she just took a break from playing soccer in the mean streets of some gritty city, but really she's just posing at the head of our driveway.
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Photography Class Assignment: Portrait

Juliet was the best model ever! She came up with almost all of the poses herself, and all I had to do was keep shooting...(which I was more than happy to do)
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Photography Class Assignment: Depth of Field

This first picture (shallow depth of field) was taken at lowtide on my birthday, on the beach at Alki. It's a close up of all of the algae that grows along the the distance, the steps to walk back up on to the walkway:

This picture (large depth of field) was taken outside my building, looking up, (way up)!

Seeing both of these pictures together like this makes me realize that they both have similar curves in them...
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I just liked all the chrome and red and the reflection of the wheel in the mudpuddle under the car...
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The fabulous Sammy, one of Juliet's oldest friends:

Juliet's best friend, Nikayla, getting ready to slide:
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Two Ashore, One In the Pool

Here is Ella chatting up Parker, who is a little younger, but still plenty handsome:

The fish-like Reed, one of Parker's older brothers:
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Water Wings

Here is a picture of Juliet's cousin, Allie:
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Pool Party!

Here are some pictures from Juliet's 9th birthday party at the W.A.C.

Birthday Girl, coming up for air:

Robert and Ella (Juliet's stepdad and little sister):
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Photography Class Assignment: Motion

This is a shot of Juliet jumping off the sidewalk and into the sand. (Fast shutter speed to stop motion.)
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Photography Class Assignment: Motion

Here are two of the pictures I took with a slow shutter speed.

This is a bed of flowers, and I panned the camera left to right in a wave motion:

This is (the ghost of) Juliet unwinding on a swing at the park. (Please ignore the raindrops on the lens!):
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Eggs

There are deviled eggs in my future!
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Happy Easter

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Worshipping the Donut Robot

Donuts reaching the end of their robotic journey:

Donut heaven:
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Monday, April 02, 2007

From Crazy to Curious

I love both of these pictures. The first one because it's just plain hilarious and makes me laugh out loud everytime I look at it, and the second one because she is so serious. I think that might have been when CJ went outside and was talking to Yvonne on the phone. Eve was trying to figure out what he was doing.
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Eve.Portland.Friday the 30th

CJ and I took the train to Portland bright and early Friday morning. Cory met us at the train station a little after 11:00 a.m. and after picking some sandwiches (and deviled eggs) at the deli, we headed back to her house for the main attaction: Eve!
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