Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Lookin' Tomato(es)

I think I have eaten more tomatoes this summer than ever before.  It's been a banner year.  (For tomatoes in general and my tomato consumption in particular.)

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Blind Luck

Here are some shots I got around the house this weekend.  So much sun.  So many shadows.  So much fun.

Bamboo shadows through dining room window blinds:

Living room window blind reflection on ceiling:

Shadows of "ornaments" and blinds on living room wall:

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Heirloom Tomato Salad (Or What I Eat For Dinner 2-3 Nights A Week This Time of Year)

Sliced heirloom tomatoes tossed with GOOD olive oil, minced garlic, sea salt and chiffonade of basil.  So good.  Honestly, one of my favorite "dishes."

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Thai Green Bean and Tomato Salad

This was surprisingly tasty for how easy it was to make.  Dressing: lime juice, fish sauce, pinch of sugar, a few slices of chile.  Salad: Blanched green beans, hunks of tomato, sliced scallion and cilantro.  Toss with dressing, top with ground peanuts.  

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Even Further Back In Time...

Here are some very belated pictures of Juliet's 5th grade graduation which was held on June 17th.  It was quite a production.  She looked beautiful (and too old, and too tall)!  

 Waiting her turn to enter the building before graduation:

Diploma in hand:


Proud Papa:

Ella loves her big sister:
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Porter James

Way late posting these, but here is Becky and Charles' baby. These were taken when he was a week old. He was born June 26th, weighed 8 pounds and 4 ounces, and (as you can see) is quite a handsome fellow. I'm hoping to get to spend some more time with him soon. (I know he feels the same about me...)

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Tonight's Dinner

Open faced lamb burger:  Grilled bread topped with goat cheese, topped with lamb burger, topped with "salsa" with parsley, lemon thyme, basil, mint, garlic, sweet onion, heirloom tomato, sea salt, olive oil and red wine vinegar.  Winner!  This was delicious (if I do say so myself).

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nautically Themed Closing

Even though I knew I should have been home doing all of the chores I'd neglected for the last two weeks at home, I'm so glad I went to Whidbey.  It was nice to have some low-key time with Mike and Juliet and being at that beach brought back many fond (and sandy) memories of beach time well spent in PT, the San Juans and Oak Harbor.  Thanks Dan and Linda and Mike!

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More from Danielle

I know these may not be technically the best shots, but this is what Sunday morning really felt like.  Lots of light flooding in the house, everyone waiting on Mike to fix our breakfast...

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Sunday Morning Mug Shots

Danielle took the pictures of Mike and Juliet.  Juliet took the picture of me.

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Goggle Girls

Danielle and Juliet wanted to go swimming on Sunday morning, and for some reason, thought they needed goggles.

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Poppies and Floats

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More Shots at the Beach

I forgot about one other fellow traveler: Penny (Mike and Juliet's dog) came with us too.

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Flag Day Useless Bay

Mike, Juliet, her friend Danielle and I went up to Whidbey for the weekend.  It was great.  

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I love this weather.  Shirtsleeves at 5:30 in the morning at my beachside bus stop.  Not too hot when I get home.  I hope we get a lot more days like this.  

I took this picture on the way to the bus stop this morning.  It's so light so early now.  

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